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MyStory. MasterStory. MemorableStory. MeaningfulStory. MagnificentStory. Must-haveStory.

There are millions of stories in this world. Each story is worth telling and should not be hidden. We want to hear Your story and document it. Not just any story, but we are curious to hear the story of your life, your company, your family, your club or society. We are proud to tell it to a selected target group, or to the whole wide world. We will write it into a book. We will cherish your story and deliver a high-quality video documentary that you will cherish for life.  And should you need any assistance in communications or content production, we are here for you to support you . We produce and organize events and seminars. Let´s discuss your needs in more detail and find the perfect way for us to help you!



pile of books

Do not underestimate the importance of Your story or the story of your company. Let us help you bring your meaningful story into a book and video with inspiring content. We will collect stories and pictures from your present and past employees. We will bring the stories alive of those who are no longer with us. We will make the most of your archives and find an interesting angle to interview all stakeholders in your remarkable story. We will bring your story from the past for everyone to enjoy. Let´s together find a perfect package for You, for Your company, for your family or for any kind of team to bring the memorable story alive! 


Contact us and ask for a tailor-made offer!

MTarina is an expert in video production and in production of important literary work like autobiography and historiography. MTarina is a production company that provides broad services in communications and marketing, digital content production, event production and training. We create an archive of all your most important history for you and the next generations to keep.


Our mTarina team has over 30 years of experience in production of TV and radio programs, TV and radio commercials, books, newspapers, national news service, 3D animations, consultancy in communications, marketing and corporate management, content production and event production from wine fairs to Olympic games.


We understand the meaning of a high-quality content. We are true experts in providing you this service as a result of our long working experience in communications and content production. Our production team is a great mixture of both, youth and experience. We are innovative and full of great ideas. We are inspired by memorable stories.


Let us get inspired by Your story!  We are hungry for Your Story. 


Our motto is: It is the content that matters!


About us.

Ari as a child
kaisa as a child
Kaisa in a car
Ari picture

We also have a story behind. Kaisa´s story. Ari´s story. The story of mTarina. By the way, Tarina is a Finnish word for story.


Hundreds of television and radio programs, magazines, newspapers, books, communication projects and content production. Consulting and training from all walks of life. Leadership and management of editorial staff, big teams and organizations. Production and organization of big international events. Countless fairs and events, sales, marketing and importation. International networks, branding, social media expertise and memorable encounters with clients.


We have lived. Oh boy have we witnessed and had adventures. And in our adventures, we have been inspired by the most incredible stories we have been told by people we´ve met.


We love stories. True, real lifetime stories. 


Our passion for stories inspired us to found mTarina in February 2021, to serve companies, associations and communities. To help families and individuals to tell their story and document it for the next generations.


We want to bring Your Story alive. We want to create content for you that matters and lives forever.


Contact us.

mTarina Oy

Munkkiluodonkuja 6 C 22

02160 Espoo, Finland

Kaisa Kavekari

Tel +358 40 5171084



Ari Mennander

Tel +358 40 7711001


Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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